2ND EDITION OF INDUSFOOD- January 14-15, 2019
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2ND EDITION OF INDUSFOOD- January 14-15, 2019

Considering the overwhelming interest shown by International Buyers’ in India’s F&B products during INDUSFOOD-I, we plan to attract more credible Buyers from different countries with an aim to provide more exciting business opportunities in F&B sector during INDUSFOOD-II.  Interested Buyers can register now online CLICK HERE, with ‘non-refundable’ registration fee of INR 17,500 (approx. USD 250) + 18% GST

Following are attached for your kind information and for disseminating amongst Chambers/Institutions/Importers/Wholesalers/Super Markets/Retail Chains etc.:

i)          Buyers’ Brochure - highlighting facilities and benefits available for Foreign Buyers (CLICK HERE to access the online version);

ii)        Flyer - (CLICK HERE to access the online version);

iii)       Suggested Draft - Buyers’ mobilisation letter (for Chambers/Institutions);

iv)       Suggested Draft - Buyers’ mobilisation letter (for Importers/Wholesalers);

iv)        Suggested Draft - Buyers’ mobilisation letter (for Super Markets/Retail Chains);

v)         Post Show Report PDF Version - (CLICK HERE to access the online version); &

vi)       Post Show Highlights video as a You Tube link - (CLICK HERE)

During INDUSFOOD-I, TPCI conducted B2B Roundtables on ‘India’s Global partnership in the Food sector’ with 20 countries and Official Bilateral Dialogues with 03 countries.  From Indian side, these meetings were attended by CEO (FSSAI), Chairman (APEDA), JS (EP-Agri) DoC, Director-FT (ASEAN), CEO Export Inspection Council of India, Chairman Tea Association and others. Similarly, TPCI plans to organise B2B Roundtables and Official Bilateral Dialogues with interested countries.  We would highly appreciate if Mission could urge local government authorities, dealing in import and export of food and agri products, to form an official delegation to visit India to attend INDUSFOOD-II.  On the basis of your recommendations, I will be happy to send invitation letter to official delegation for Bilateral Dialogues to discuss with relevant Indian Agencies various issues pertaining to regulatory mechanisms such as Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs), Trade Barrier Tariffs (TBT) etc.    

Mission is also requested to disseminate information regarding INDUSFOOD-II amongst Chambers, Associations, Food Chains in country of your jurisdiction and encourage them to participate in the event.  

I, along with more than 400 Indian exporters/exhibitors, am eagerly looking forward to active support of the Mission to make this event a grand success.   

With regards, 

(Mohit Singla)

Chairman, TPCI

T1 Suggested Draft Letter for Chambers & Institutions

T2 Suggested Draft Letter for Importers & Wholesalers

T3 Suggested Draft Letter to Super Markets & Retail Chains

Indus Food Buyers Brochure